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ILTexas 2014-2015 Enrollment Schedule

For Keller families, please schedule an appointment by the grade of at least one of your children. If you have multiple children in different grades, you can schedule an appointment the same day for the other children, as long as one of them is in the grade that is designated for that day.

Here is the schedule by date and grade.

April 2nd-4th Kindergarten                      May 6th-8th Kindergarten

April 8th-9th 1st grade                             May 9th and 13th 1st grade

April 10th-11th 2nd grade                        May 14th-15th 2nd grade

April 15th-16th 3rd grade                        May 16th and 20th 3rd grade

April 17th-18th 4th grade                        May 21st-22nd 4th grade

April 22th-23th 5th grade                        May 23rd and 27th 5th grade

April 24th-25th 6th grade                        May 28th-29th 6th grade

April 29th-30th 7th grade                        May 30th and June 3rd 7th grade

May 1st-2nd 8th grade                            June 4th-5th 8th grade


Please bring all needed documents and forms already filled in.

Required documents needed to enroll are:

Proof of Residency

Child's Birth Certificate

Parent's Driver's License

Child's Social Security Card

Unofficial Transcript

Up-to-date shot records


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